Cheapest Bulk SMS Service In India

Get It SMS provides the cheapest bulk SMS service in India. We started offering bulk SMS services in 2011. Our broad customer base includes banks, educational institutions, corporations, advertising agencies, healthcare, and more. The bulk SMS service is the process of sending an SMS to an individual or group of people to promote a brand or provide urgent information. SMS is the only marketing channel with the highest open rate of 98% and is read within 3 minutes of delivery. It is therefore a privileged means of communication between all sectors and all industries.

Benefits of using Bulk SMS Service in India

  • Bulk SMS is the fastest way to deliver information in a fraction of seconds.
  • Message reaches straight away in the mobile inbox.
  • It is the cheapest communication tool available these days.
  • Thousands of messages can be sent in a single click.
  • Fosters customer engagement and helps in attracting new clients.
  • Better than all traditional marketing tools.
  • As internet connection is not required, Bulk SMS is a more accessible tool and can reach diverse group of people.
  • It provides personalized touch to our communication as it connects us with our clients directly.
  • Suitable for every business and industry.
  • Easiest method to establish rapport with our clients.
  • No requirement of technical knowledge to send an SMS. It is easy to use and simple to understand.
  • Compatibility with every mobile device.

Why Get It SMS is the Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider in India?

GetItSMS offers bulk SMS service at the lowest price in the industry. You can start sending bulk SMS at Rs. 10 and above. We have solutions tailored to each user’s needs and you can choose the design that best suits you. There is no minimum purchase limit if you are using GetItSMS Bulk SMS Service. You pay for every SMS and the costs for all routes (advertising, transaction, and OTP) are the same. We also recommend that you try out the bulk SMS service before investing any money. To try out our service, you just have to complete the registration process and after registration, you will receive a free credit in the GetItSMS wallet.

The market for bulk SMS sending services is booming and prospering in India. Large organizations also use mass text in their advertising projects. Multinational companies like Amazon, Samsung, Burger King and many more take advantage of the bulk SMS service and integrate it into their marketing strategy. SMS service in India is the most reliable, inexpensive, and efficient marketing channel to connect with your potential customers. Regardless of the size of your business, bulk SMS marketing works perfectly for all of your business needs. So, if you are looking for marketing tools to reach customers as quickly as possible, choose the cheapest bulk SMS service from GetItSMS. Sign up now and send bulk SMS to your customers right away.

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